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The Cut-Off Time During the Events

Average speed:

The average speed required to complete the stages within the time limit varies between 14 and 18km/h, but generally, it means riding an average of 16km/h depending on the length of the stage and ascent.

Cut-off time, ranking and the rest of the race:

On some passes, there is a cut off time. Riders must complete every stage inside the set time in order to get an Official Finisher Ranking.

Should you overrun the set time during a stage, you will have the possibility to continue to cycle under your own responsibility. However, in case of an unfavourable medical situation, you will be under the obligation to get into the sweep/broom wagon vehicle which follows the race.

Missing the cut-off time on one day (or withdrawal for any other reason) just means you no longer receive an overall ranking. You can continue to ride until the end of the week, and will still get a ranking in each day’s competition if you complete it within the set time. You can still complete an incredible achievement!

The cut-off times for your Haute Route will be given in the Road-Book, 3 weeks before the event!

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