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The Haute Route in Béarn Pyrenees
The Haute Route in Béarn Pyrenees

This year, the Haute Route Pyrenees has chosen the royal city of Pau, in Béarn Pyrenees, as both the starting […]

What is recovery and how do you do it?
What is recovery and how do you do it?

It is no secret that to get fit you need to put the training hours in. It is also no […]

Finding Strength in the Peaks: Delphine Dard, an Haute Route Ambassador
Finding Strength in the Peaks: Delphine Dard, an Haute Route Ambassador

The Haute Route is not just a race; it’s a challenge that pushes cyclists to their limits. For Delphine Dard, […]


An experience like no other

More than just a stage race open to all amateur cyclists, Haute Route is the purest and most authentic cycling experience, in the heart of the legendary mountains that build cycling fans passion. Whether you're here to win or to take up a challenge, for the speed, the encounters or the scenery, we have all the ingredients to make your stay unforgettable.

3-day event map

Haute Route Pyrénées

Discover one of the world's best cycling destinations. Ride through breathtaking landscapes charged with a huge cycling heritage: the Pyrénées.

  • Point-to-point routes
  • 5 classic stages
  • Stages from 90-120 km (45-65 miles) and 2,500-3,500M+ (8,000-11,500 ft)
3-day event map

Haute Route Alpes

Become a legend by taking on the ultimate cycling challenge: riding through the world's most mythical mountain range, the Alps.

  • Point-to-point routes
  • 6 classic stages
  • 1 time trial
  • Stages from 90-120 km (45-65 miles) and 2,500-3,500M+ (8,000-11,500 ft)


ALPS 2024 - 3 DAY EXP

Megève-Alpe d'Huez

25-27 August 2024

number of days3 Days

total distance icon350km

total elevation icon10230M+




1-5 July 2024

number of days5 Days

total distance icon588km

total elevation icon14000M+


ALPES 2024


25-31 August 2024

number of days7 Days

total distance icon714km

total elevation icon19405M+


You focus on riding, we do the rest

We offer incredible services as part of your registration so you can focus on riding and we will take care of everything else.

Safety road escort – Mechanical assistance – Luggage transfer/transportation – Post stage massages

Book your accomodation with us

In 2024, Haute Route manages entirely the housing without an intermediate like the years before. Our customer care service is fully dedicated to help you focus only on riding during the event.

To fully enjoy our housing service, please contact Angelique: hello@hauteroute.fr
She will be delighted to give you all the information you need to make the most of the Haute Route experience

The ultimate challenge

The ultimate challenge

Come face to face with the Haute Route Alpes, the highest and toughest amateur cycling race in the world.


What our riders say

"There are so many riders from all over the world – U.S.A, Mexico, Russia – it's very cool! You all take on the experience together, suffer together, celebrate together. On every Haute Route stage you start to get to know everyone you’re riding with, we created this group vibe and made friends with so many riders."

"On an Haute Route event you have a team on every corner of the road, safety race cars and escorts, a team to clear the roads of any obstacles and more... you can basically close your eyes whilst riding knowing everything will be looked after – and that’s a pretty nice feeling to have!"

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