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Protest Forms

The Protest Form must be submitted at the Information Point in writing no more than 1 hour after the finish of the Stage.

Participants can submit Protest Forms to the Organisation to:

– Notify breaches of the rules by another participant.

– Notify about an action that may give them a deduction of time (Protest Forms for waiting for mechanical support will never be accepted).

– Complain about the action of the Organisation.

If necessary, the Protest Form can be joined with additional pieces of evidence (witnesses, GPS data, photos, etc).

An Organiser`s jury will deliberate and issue a decision on the protest that can contain sanctions according to Article
This decision will be communicated to the participant not later than before the start of the next stage and/or at the end of the Event, up until the final prize giving ceremony.

The Protest Forms can be found at the Info point during all Haute Route Events!

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