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Feed Stations

There will be between 3 to 5 feed stations per stage including at the finish line. All feed stations throughout the Haute Route will be stocked with a variety of different products to help you fuel and keep you hydrated during your ride. From a variety of drinks and energy products to sweet and savoury whole foods, there will be something to suit everyone’s taste.


To ensure rider’s safety, please do not block the road, and please use the bike racks provided rather than pulling up to the tables with your bike.

For riders receiving external support from family, coaches, or tour operators, note that the feed station zones are the only points on the course where assistance is permitted.

A partner announced soon will be providing energy bars, gels and drinks for riders at each feed station during all events.

To avoid waste and limit the number of cups at every feed station, we recommend you use your own bottles.

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