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Friends and Family


  • If you want to share your room with a rider’s friend: we advise you to book a twin room on your registration form (2 separated beds).The indicated price is per bed and the two of you need to pay. You can specified the name of your rider’s friend on your registration to be assured that be in the same room.
  • If you want to share your room with your partner: we advise you to book a double room on your registration form. The double room is one room for two people with a double bed. The indicated price is per room and only one people pay for the room. You have to mention the name of the person if it’s an other rider in the precisions to your registration.
  • If you want to come with more Friends & Family: you can book extra rooms directly in your registration. In the Configurator, you can choose the number of accommodation pack you want. We advise you to book the same package as the rider in order to stay in the same hotels during the event.
  • If you want to come with your children: you can contact us at and let us know about the request. In most of the hotel, they can add a baby’s cot. For kids, please be aware it is not always possible to add extra beds.


Airport Shuttle: your friends & family can book the Airport Shuttle Service (same price as you, even if they do not have a bike). You can book extra shuttle transfers by adding the necessary quantity when customizing your event.

Transport during the stage or from stage to stage: we are not able to provide transport for your guests during the stage and/nor from one stage to the next one. Most riders who have friends/family hire a car to follow them during the week.

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