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Ranking & Categories

All Haute Route events:

The Haute Route events have a Solo ranking and a Team ranking. An official prize-giving ceremony will take place, at the end of each day (including the last one)

Team ranking: 

– Riders registering as a Team will also be included in the individual rankings.

– Teams will be ranked in the following categories: Male Team, Female Team, Mixed Team.

  • The ranking for Male and Female teams will be based by cumulating the times of the three best members during the different stages.
  • The ranking for mixed teams will be established by adding the times of the three best team members through the different stages, with at least one woman and one man classifying during each stage
  • If riders of a team retire, bringing the number of riders in the team to under three, the team will then be removed from the general team classifications. Team members still in competition will remain classified in the General Solo Ranking

More information in the event-specific Rules & Regulation.

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