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Medical & Mechanical Support


The medical service of the Haute Route will consist of highly experienced doctors, medics, emergency response workers, and ambulances. The number of which will depend on the current rules specifications of the event at the time.

medical emergency number will be put in place so that each participant can easily, in case of any major medical emergency, inform of their situation and do so 24/7 during the entire event. 

The emergency phone number will be written on the Haute Route ID card, bib and bike plate.


We will have mechanical support vehicles that will follow the course to assist with mechanical problems and help you make it to the finish in the best possible condition. 

Puncture repair is not included in this so you will need to bring spare tubes (with appropriate valves) and tools. During the stage, you should have, at least:

– A repair kit with 2 tubes.

– A pump to deal with punctures.

We are not able to carry spare wheels for you during the week from stage to stage.

We will provide information on local bike shops if you need to buy bike parts during the week if necessary, and the mechanical service will be at the Race Village and at the start and finish line.

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