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Accommodation package

We offering the best accommodation choices en route – simply make your accommodation selection in your registration. Then relax, knowing that there’s nothing you need to do after a day in the saddle, except put your feet up.

For the Haute Route Alpes you have 8 nights in yours packages to 24 August to the 1st September
For the Haute Route Pyrénées you have 6 nights in yours packages to 30 June to 6 July


  • Single room : for one rider
  • Double room : package for 2 people. The indicated price is per room (one big bed). You only need to book and pay for it once.
  • Shared Twin :  package is for 2 people (both must be riders and both have to book and pay separately). The indicated price is per person. At the registration time, both riders need to indicate the name of the desired roommate to be in the same room. If you are alone, then leave the roommate section blank and we will allocate a rider to your room.


  • Premium : Hotels of the highest quality throughout the week, most of them are 4-star establishments
  • Comfort : 4-star hotels in the first and the last location, then 2 or 3-star hotels between these dates
  • Standard : An authentic experience in local 2 or 3-star hotels or residences
  • Budget : Group/shared accommodation 


  • Don’t need the full accommodation package: We cannot sell you just part of an accommodation package, with specific days only. We look after lots of riders and are not able to fulfil individual accommodation requirements.
  • Book extra nights before the start and after the finish : You wish to arrive a few days before the event or stay an extra night after the race to enjoy the city? To avoid a change of hotel and keep the same room during your stay, we offers to manage the reservation of your extra night(s) directly with your hotel. If you wish to add one or more nights to your stay, please contact Angélique at

We will be releasing the names of the hotels for each event one to two months before the event.

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