Bollé Technology for the Protection and Vision of Cyclists

The importance of helmets

Combining comfort and protection for performance, Bollé has developed cycling helmets with an elegant design inspired by the automotive industry. Some models are equipped with MIPS® technology, an innovative protection system that allows relative movement between the helmet and the head in all directions. This limits the rotational movement transmitted to the brain during oblique impacts and protects against multidirectional impacts, reducing the risk of brain damage.

Staying true to its core values, Bollé presented the AVIO MIPS for the Tour de France 2022, a new generation of road helmets with no compromise between versatility and high-performance. With the AVIO MIPS, Bollé has redefined high-performance, pushing once again the limits of the industry.

Thanks to the strike-cage, we have kept the EPS density low and managed to achieve a low weight of 234 grams (S size). The helmet structure has been redesigned down to the very last detail with the MIPS AIR padding, MIPS’s most lightweight brain protection system, and lightweight molded components including an optimized fit system.

The AVIO MIPS was designed to align both deep internal channeling and large front vents with small exhaust ports that create low pressure at the rear of the helmet. This low pressure pulls air through the helmet keeping the rider’s head cool while the strike-cage technology reinforces the helmet structure.

The helmet was developed with the aid of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), using a high-performance simulator powered by a supercomputer. The AVIO MIPS has an optimized low-profile shape and is equipped with the AVID Aero Progressive EPS to direct airflows and manage impact energy. And the results are there, compared to the average competitors’ aero road helmets, the energy needed to overcome the air resistance and propel forward is 8 watts lower.

The importance of sunglasses

Much more than a simple accessory, sunglasses are essential for practicing your sports activities outdoors. If it is essential to protect your eyes from the sun, it is also essential to be able to anticipate the reliefs of the terrain without being dazzled or bothered by the rain or changes in light conditions.

This is why Bollé called upon artificial intelligence, which has evaluated more than 20 million possibilities for boosting colors by 30% (twice better than the closest competitor). A single formula offers an incomparable experience, so unique that it is patented. Volt, the reference in the field of high-contrast lenses, is available on all Bollé cycling models.

Available on many models, Phantom lens technology adapts to any light condition, ensuring precise visual acuity whatever the weather. The lens tint changes with the light from cat.0 to cat.3. Enhanced vision whatever the conditions.

Because everyone’s vision is unique, Phantom and Volt lenses are available on our RX-able frames, suitable for 99% of prescriptions.